A strong team. to you.

A strong team.
Always there - for you!

We do that for you:

Your company will find a home in the avigio business centers. In addition to professional mail processing, we offer you a modern infrastructure and take care of all matters so that you can concentrate fully on yourself and your company.

Our goal is to support you with the idea of ​​founding a company on your way. For this reason, you will find a broad network of consultants with very different focuses, so that together with more than 30 years of professional experience we are guaranteed to find the right answers to your questions. As you have probably seen, the first 30 minutes are even free, so there is no risk of contacting us and trying it out.

And when all questions have been clarified and the start-up starts, we will of course be at your side with advice and assistance and support you with the paperwork and registering your company with the authorities.

With our business center, we offer you a chargeable business address that you can use as a company headquarters for business registration, but of course also for entry in the commercial register, as well as on your letterhead, invoices, business cards, imprint and much more. Our address is the home of your company.

In addition, our back office is fully available to you and takes care of incoming mail or answers the phone for you and accepts your customers' concerns (inbound) or carries out acquisitions for you (outbound). On request, we can arrange appointments for you, organize trips or customer events - almost like your own secretary in the next room.

We are the ones who are there for you.

We are there for you there:

It all started in Düsseldorf at the end of the 90s, from where we helped the first companies in Germany and the United Kingdom to become more successful in the market.

After moving to Krefeld in 2003, we were able to further expand our activities and today we enjoy the trust of several hundred companies and have accompanied numerous founders on their way to self-employment.

With a lot of enthusiasm we pass our knowledge on to you today. Talk to us.

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