Phone Secretariat

Telephone service: We answer the phone for you.
In your name & in the language of your customers.

Never miss a customer again:

The telephone secretary: Increase your availability and customer satisfaction with us.

Our telephone secretary takes your calls & missed calls are a thing of the past.

Flexible. Competently. Individually.

With our telephone secretary, you are guaranteed not to lose another call. We speak the language of your customers. We answer the phone for you, around the clock if you wish.

Whether as support for your switchboard at peak times (overflow), outside of your opening hours, on vacation, as a sickness replacement or as a complete solution - with our telephone secretariat, we are an experienced service provider at your side, even 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the help of our telephone service, you are guaranteed to never lose another call. You save time and can dedicate yourself 100% to your core business.

You decide whether calls should be forwarded or whether we should record a note according to your specifications. You will of course receive the memo immediately after the end of the conversation by e-mail, SMS or fax. Cool right?

Telephone service: Your benefits:

We offer you individual and professional accessibility solutions.

Our telephone service optimizes your customer dialogue in a targeted manner and ensures that your company can be reached by telephone as best as possible.

The advantages are apparent:

  • simple setup
  • second-exact billing
  • constant availability (on request 24/7)
  • Relief on the phone
  • More time for core tasks
  • perfect customer service
  • More sales

And this is how it works:

  • 1. Your phone rings

    You get a call, but you cannot take the call yourself.

  • 2. We answer it.

    We take the call and contact you with your (company) name.

  • 3. More valuable time for you

    While we take care of your phone and your customers, you can continue working undisturbed.

  • 4. We will inform you.

    After the phone call, we will send you a summary of the content of the conversation. So you always stay informed.

There are many reasons in favor of our telephone secretary.

Which one is yours?


We take your calls according to your specifications, record important data and optionally forward the conversation to the desired contact person.


You don't want your calls to come to nothing in the event of personnel bottlenecks? We support you in the event of illness, during your vacation time or at meetings.

Backup for peak times

You can be sure of optimal availability and TOP customer service even during peak times. With us, hectic during peak calls is a thing of the past.

24/7 service

With our optional 24/7 service, you can be reached around the clock, 7 days a week. Use this service, for example, as an emergency hotline or for orders.

Scheduling service

If your business is busy, simply use our scheduling service. Tire change, hairdresser appointment or table reservation? We take care of your appointment calendar.

Booking service

With the booking service you are guaranteed not to lose a customer. Our service agents make bookings independently in your system and thus increase your sales immediately.

Convinced or still have questions?

Talk to us. Together we will find the solution that perfectly suits your requirements.

Interested? Don't wait any longer.

Send us an inquiry and get an offer for the right solution for you very quickly.

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