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Starting a business is “only” a formal step, but most start-ups probably have more than 1000 questions in their mind. Many potential entrepreneurs do not dare to take this step. Mostly out of fear of not finding the right answers and failure. Good start-up advice can help.

So it's good to have an experienced coach and advisor by your side who can help you deal with the numerous forms and upcoming administrative procedures. Germany is a country full of bureaucracy. That’s anything but fun. We advise, support, coach and motivate you to overcome your weaker self in order to become successful. We will explain to you in great detail how business start-up advice works. And we accompany you on your way to successfully start self-employment.

But there is no such thing as a “pattern F” when founding a company. Supporting the start-up of a company is always a very individual achievement and requires a great deal of sensitivity.

That is why we have structured our offer for start-up advice on a modular basis. Starting with the free and non-binding initial consultation. The main thing here is to discuss your most important questions with you and to give you a feeling of what to expect.

And of course you also get the right company address for the imprint of your website, for business registration and external presentation from us. And if you still need a logo or a web shop, we also have the right module on offer here.

Competence in perfection. All from a single source. There is no easier and comfier way!

a first strategy discussion

Do you have a business concept and want to get started soon? Every beginning is difficult, especially when you are alone and have no one to talk to to discuss your own ideas.

We're here for you! Our start-up advice - rather the initial discussions are always completely non-binding and free!So that you can call us at any time and discuss your ideas and you will have the opportunity to discuss your questions with our start-up experts in a half-hour strategy discussion and thus get a secure feeling for the start of the company. Our consultants will contact you by telephone or video conference by appointment, so that you also have a permanent contact person who will support you in your project.

The aim of this conversation is to get qualified feedback on your business idea, to clarify questions about the calculation and the business plan, to obtain financing options, to talk about market entry and customer acquisition - and much more.

Surely you could research all of this on your own and would probably even find a way, or one looks for professional support right from the start - an experienced start-up consultant.

And that is exactly what a business start-up consultancy is all about: Professional business consultants are at your side as a business start-up or young entrepreneur and support you on your way.

But what does business start-up advice bring me? And what exactly does a start-up coach do? We will answer these and many other questions for you in a personal conversation. Completely free of charge and without obligation - but extremely valuable.

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Startup coaching

Start-up coaching is about getting yourself fit for everyday life. Together we consolidate your business plan, talk and analyze your capital requirements, talk about entering the market, look together for funding programs or financing options and finally prepare you for discussions with the bank and investors.

Start-up advice

In the start-up consultation phase, things get very specific. But no matter where you are: We take care of everything that is necessary to register your company with the authorities.

Of course, it depends on the type of company, what exactly is needed or not. For example, whether you need a notary or not.

Depending on the type of company, in some cases you first need approval from the responsible Chamber of Commerce (or Chamber of Crafts) and in order not to lose time or money, we will take care of everything that is necessary.

We'll get the necessary approvals. We organize a notary appointment and coordinate the draft contracts with you and the notary. Later we will submit the registration of your company to the responsible trade registration office together with you. You don't need to worry about anything, you always have a permanent contact person and you can do (almost) everything from the comfort of your own home.

You also have to deal with a lot of paperwork when you register with the responsible tax office. But do not worry: It depends very much on what kind of company you are setting up, but we are very familiar with it. And so that everything goes as quickly as possible, we create the necessary documents and prepare the applications for a tax number together with you and then send them in for you. This will give you your tax number as quickly as possible and your company will become legally competent and can start to act.

If you are already toying with the idea of ​​hiring employees later on, we will take care of it. We will get you a company number, which you will then need to register. But of course we are there for you here too.

In short: Together with you, we will ensure that the administrative work is done in the shortest possible time and that your company is not only founded, but also quickly able to act!

And then?

Even then you are of course not alone: ​​logo design, web design, creation of your letterhead, business letters, (corporate identity), advertisements, VoIP / telephone connection, google ads, opening a bank account, Mastercard, car leasing, insurance, and much more .

Of course, we also have suitable suggestions and recommendations for you in our partner network, so that you can get quite a long way with just one contact person in our company. We look forward to you!

Learn more about the Start-up advice for an entrepreneurial company / UG (limited liability)
or to the Support in founding a GmbH.

other contact points

If you are still in the discovery phase, they offer you Chambers of Commerce and Industry also always a good point of contact. There you will find special offers for prospective founders.

You can find another helpful place to exchange ideas at Business plan competitionsthat exist all over Germany. You can find out more here.

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