Buy shelf company

Buy a shelf company and
be ready to go right away. Do we.

Be ready to go with a shelf company.

In the case of shelf companies, one speaks of companies that have already been founded and entered in the commercial register.

A shelf company is taken over by the new owner against payment of a previously agreed purchase price.

Shelf companies have generally not yet carried out any business activities and are therefore unencumbered.

With the takeover of the company by the new owner, the new owner can change the name, the company's purpose, activity and of course the people involved, such as the managing directors, and also relocate the seat if necessary.

In the course of the purchase, credit in existing bank accounts and cash holdings are also transferred to the buyer, who can thus continue to run the company according to his ideas. Both the original partner and the management leave the company in the course of the purchase.

A shelf company offers the advantages of being able to act within a few hours - in return, you have to be clear that the takeover involves a lot of costs and a lot of paperwork.

We always have access to several such shelf companies (UG, GmbH, AG and others). If you are interested in the takeover, please do not hesitate to contact us or send us a short information by e-mail or here using our contact form.

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