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Establish a UG (limited liability).
The type of company with many advantages.

We set up your UG and take care of the paperwork

Together with you, we will found your entrepreneurial company (limited liability), UG for short (limited liability). We take care of all the paperwork and handle most of the administrative procedures. The only thing you have to do is attend the notary appointment in person. In your area, of course.

Worth knowing: With our help, it is also possible to set up a company if you are abroad, i.e. a citizen of the EU or from a third country (outside the EU) or live there.

Our primary goal is that you have as little as possible to do with the establishment, the paperwork, forms to be filled out and declarations to be submitted, as well as the necessary administrative procedures and that you can do everything comfortably from home or from any other place in the world WITHOUT You take care of something or have to come to us specially.

The foundation packages are available in different modules. You can find out more below on this page.


An entrepreneurial company (limited liability), or UG (limited liability) for short, is a type of company that is particularly suitable for entrepreneurs with little capital. In the vernacular, the entrepreneurial company is also referred to as “Mini-GmbH” or “1-Euro-GmbH”, which is a very popular legal form, especially for those starting out in business. The advantages of choosing the legal form “UG” are already obvious: Low capital investment and limitation of liability towards creditors to the share capital.

The entrepreneurial company offers the legal possibility to limit liability towards creditors to the company's assets. The UG itself is to be assigned to the family of corporations. Thus, the establishment of a UG is much more complex than with other legal forms. A notary is required to certify the establishment and register the company with the competent commercial register as soon as the share capital has been paid in. The UG itself is a separate legal entity and the bearer of rights and obligations, which only arises when it is entered in the commercial register.

In order for the company to be able to act, (at least) one managing director must be appointed to represent the company when it is founded. The managing director (s) is entered in the commercial register. The UG runs a company, i.e. its own name, and can also be founded by an individual. The trade is registered with the respective company, the UG. The statutory minimum share capital of the UG is EUR 1 - but it is advisable to take at least EUR 500, or even better, EUR 1.000, so as not to ruin the company directly through the start-up costs.

Entrepreneurial company (limited liability) - The advantages summarized at a glance:

  • low share capital - easy to set up
  • for founders of small companies who want to limit liability
  • simple formation formalities by means of a sample protocol
  • Liability of the shareholders for liability claims against the company is limited to their capital contribution (at least one euro in total)
  • the company is liable with all of its assets
  • In the case of loans, partners are usually liable with additional private securities

A UG (limited liability) is particularly suitable for founders who want to set up a smaller, commercial company, especially service providers, and who want to limit their liability.

The advantage is that it is possible to set up a company with little equity (theoretically) from EUR 1. We recommend, however, to choose a share capital of at least 500, -, better 1.000, - Euro in order not to over-indebt the company directly through the costs arising from the establishment.

A UG (limited liability) is founded by at least one partner. Anything from at least one euro is (theoretically) permitted as share capital, whereby the capital amount should always be based on specific needs. Inadequate capitalization also harbors a high risk of bankruptcy.

The minimum share capital at the entrepreneurial company must be raised in cash and in full before registering with the commercial register. Contributions in kind are excluded.

The preparation for founding is one of the most important time for your future company. There are many pitfalls and things that will cost a lot of money later if you ignore them.

We will help you and are always by your side during the entire start-up phase. Together with our lawyers and tax consultants, we discuss your wishes and goals and thus find the most suitable constellation for you to set up the company correctly and legally.

And this is how it works: In the first step, you send us all information online. Then we will put together all the necessary founding documents individually for you and discuss with you whether you have any change requests. Depending on the package you have booked (see below), you do not need to worry about anything else - neither forms nor bureaucracy to fill out yourself, we take care of everything from a single source.

After you have looked through everything, we will arrange a notary appointment near you for the notarization. And the very best: During the entire formation process, we and our lawyers are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding the formation and all legal issues. The entry in the commercial register, the business registration and the application for a tax number can also be prepared by us on request.

Basically: yes, but ...

First of all, it primarily depends on whether the founder (the partner (s) and / or the future managing director (s)) live in another EU country or a third country. It is much easier for EU citizens to set up a company in Germany, but you have to observe some additional rules and regulations.

Founders from outside Europe usually have a little more difficulty setting up a company in Germany, as there are additional bureaucratic hurdles to overcome. But we stick to our previous statement: Yes, it works and with our start-up packages (further down on the page) we help you to found your company - regardless of whether you are in Germany, in another European country or from a third country. We do it - easy!

We have summarized the information on this for you in a separate article.

How do I set up a company from abroad?

How do I set up a company from abroad? - Third countries

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Our services

and how we perfectly support you with the foundation:

In order to make the founding as easy as possible for you, we have put together various foundation packages for you together with our lawyers and tax consultants, from which you can choose the variant that suits you best - without the small print, completely transparent and guaranteed Fixed price:

Start UG base

With the "Start-UG Basis" package, you get your personal start-up advisor, who will provide you with extensive support during the entire start-up phase and answer any questions you may have - including all services for founding a UG as follows:

Start UG Eco

In addition to the “Start-UG Basis” package, you receive a full service and hardly need to worry about anything.

We take care of all administrative procedures and paperwork so that you don't come to us, but can do everything remotely.

Start UG Express

The "Start-UG Express" package includes the aforementioned services - plus:

Top services:

  • personal founding expert
  • All-round support is essential for a successful foundation
  • Foundation according to the UG sample protocol
  • Name check with IHK / HWK
  • Notary appointment in your desired city including coordination of documents
  • Prepare to open an account
  • Commercial register monitoring
  • Preparation of business registration

Everything from the basic package plus:

  • individual creation of all foundation documents
  • Advice on the tax questionnaire / application for your tax number
  • Assistance in preparing the opening balance
  • Examination of the company's activities and preparation of the business registration
  • Registration for the commercial register
  • timely business registration
  • Notary fee guarantee (the lowest statutory notary fees apply)

Everything from the full package plus:

  • Guaranteed notary appointment (weekdays) within 48 hours in a city of your choice
  • Express formation (usually within five working days)
  • Express entry (usually within ten to fourteen working days)
740,- Euro
980,- Euro
1180,- Euro

Please note that the costs for the notary, as well as for the registration in the commercial register and, if desired, for the business registration are not included in our prices due to legal requirements. These will be billed to you separately by the notary, the court or the city administration. If processing in English is desired or necessary, we will charge a flat-rate translation fee of 490 euros. All prices net plus statutory Value added tax.