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Why pay more elsewhere?
Business address from € 62,90 / month.

Because your company deserves a good home!

Loadable business address as a company domicile in the avigio business center

While you take care of the development of your company, we take care of the rest. With a summonable business address as a company domicile in the avigio business centers, you not only separate private and business matters from each other - you can focus 100% on your company and Concentrate on your customers while our team of experienced and dedicated back office staff takes care of the administrative things for you.

So you can give your company a representative address and take care of your customers or meet with colleagues and private and business are separate from the start. With your own telephone and fax numbers on request.

The advantages:

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  • representative business address

  • high quality facilities

  • attractive external presentation

  • reliable postal service

  • needs-based additional services

Loadable business address

Your business address does not need the addition "c/o". Your company name will be placed at the entrance in the way you want it - so that customers and the post office can reach you at any time. As if it were your own office and separate private from business right from the start.

Company domicile

The home for your company. The summonable business address complies with the official requirements and can be used to register your trade, for entry in the commercial register and of course on your letters, in the imprint of your website, on business cards, ...

Attractive external presentation

Our business centers are located in upscale inner-city locations with excellent transport connections and are manned five days a week. We react quickly to incoming mail and calls, and we keep your back free so that you can concentrate on your core business. Of course, your company also automatically participates in the upscale location and the high-quality ambience.

Comprehensive office services

We offer you everything a secretariat has to do. Just faster, cheaper, more effective and almost around the clock. Regardless of whether it is our telephone service, mail acceptance, forwarding of incoming shipments to any location in the world - we are there for you! Almost like your own secretary in the next room. Do you have a wish? We take care of this!

Reliable postal service

We take your mail. You decide what to do with it. You can pick it up yourself or tell us where to send it. Daily, several times a week, weekly - exactly how you want. Optionally, we can scan it for you and you will receive it conveniently by e-mail in your inbox.

Optional additional services

Do you have a question or a request? Thanks to our large partner network, we are sure to offer you the right solution and support. Whether it's legal or tax issues, you need a meeting room in another city, you're planning a marketing campaign for which you need support - together we'll find the answers to all your questions. Fast, uncomplicated and always inexpensive.

Why your company is right with us.

the summonable business address and what advantages it offers you:

We not only offer you the (probably) cheapest chargeable business address as a domicile address for your company - with us you get competence, support that is always precisely tailored to your needs, start-up advice and top-class service from a single source.

Expensive? No not at all. Fair tariffs, no small print, short minimum contract periods and no toggle contracts.

And the best:

  • You will receive a summons address that complies with the legal requirements.
  • No gag contracts - which often go hand in hand with rental properties
  • Call improvement due to a preferred office location
  • Better separation of private and business through separate addresses
  • Cheap + transparent conditions
  • Short contract periods
  • Ready to go from “now on immediately”
  • Growing: At any time expandable to desks or own offices

What exactly do I get out of it?

By booking your virtual business address, you never have to worry again that annoying representatives are suddenly on your doorstep. Your private address remains private and business matters come to your business address and will be processed by us on request.

And no matter how much mail you receive and whether it is important or unimportant documents: Nothing is lost and everything is also protected from the eyes of your neighbors. Even if you travel a lot yourself, our service is just right for you:

We take all mail - from postcards to parcels - for you and direct you to wherever you want in a neutral envelope. For larger shipments (parcels, pallets or anything else), we will discuss this in advance. Of course, individual procedures can also be agreed - for example, if you are sick or on vacation. In any case, “your” mailbox is emptied daily so that nothing can be lost or left lying around.

As an optional supplement, we offer you the opportunity to digitize incoming mail with our digitalization service and to send all documents as PDFs by e-mail or to upload them, for example, to a cloud.

Does the tax office accept a virtual office?

What do you need such a business address for?

How does the order go?

How long is the minimum contract term?

We do it - easy!

Do you still have any questions? Talk to us. By phone, in chat, using our contact form or directly by email to:

Convinced? Well then go. You can order your business address online here and you are ready to go.

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