As an influencer, do I need an imprint?

Who does not know her? Influencers who advertise other people's products on social media and earn their money with them. But did you already know that the account then falls under the imprint obligation? You can find out what you should change quickly to avoid a warning here! 

As an influencer, do you even need an imprint on social media platforms? 

As soon as you use your account for commercial purposes, the imprint obligation applies. Commercial means that you generate customers and thus profit with your content. This is the case even if you only occasionally promote your services, blog, etc. In addition, there is the branding of your company on your account, for example the use of the company logo. There is no legal notice requirement for purely private accounts, but you should still be careful not to post recommendations to third parties, as this can quickly lead to a commercial account. 

How and where should the imprint be shown? 

In any case, the imprint must be quickly and easily accessible. It should therefore be marked with “Imprint” or “Contact”. Misleading terms should be avoided as a matter of urgency. What you absolutely have to pay attention to is that you don't just link your website in the biography of your account, but explicitly the imprint listed there. 

On some platforms it is difficult to insert links because only a certain number is foreseen. Therefore, many use so-called link tools that extend this function. With the help of this tool, a complete overview of links that lead to different pages is displayed when retrieving. 

Is the imprint of my Instagram account different from that of my website?

No, the same content is foreseen for both imprints. Therefore, you can theoretically use the same text for both purposes. You should then only point out that your imprint will be used twice accordingly. What belongs in an imprint and what must be observed you can find out here!

Do you need help creating your imprint? No problem! Just use the imprint generator:

What happens if the imprint is incorrect? 

There are more and more frequent warnings because of a missing or incorrect imprint. There is a legal violation because it violates competition law and is intended to serve data protection and consumer protection. Since the jurisprudence does not agree on the sentence, you should therefore generally expect a fine of up to 50.000 euros. 

Did you receive a warning? 

Check if it is a scam. Fake warnings are typical in this scene and are often used to get data and, above all, a lot of money quickly. A warning should therefore contain the following aspects: 

  • Full name of the warning letter
  • Subject of the warning 
  • a specific deadline and further possible consequences
  • a declaration of omission

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