Does the tax office accept a virtual office?

Many entrepreneurs who work in the home office are now choosing to outsource their business address. However, there is something to consider when registering a virtual business address. 

In principle, the tax office, which is located in the city, is responsible for the company's headquarters. So if someone rents an office in Düsseldorf, the tax office in Düsseldorf is responsible for the company located there. 

This is different with a virtual business address. In this case, the tax office is responsible for the company located at the place of residence of the managing director. 

For this, it is only important to enter the virtual business address as the business address and the residential address as the place of management in the questionnaire for tax registration. Otherwise, the tax office is authorized to make an on-site appointment. In this way, the tax office then checks the credibility of the business address with the help of various factors. 

It is strongly advised not to give false information. Since an unannounced check can be carried out even after the VAT number has been issued, which can lead to the revocation of the VAT number if it is not credible. For some entrepreneurs, this has existential consequences.                                                          

In summary, it can be said that the tax office accepts a virtual office as long as the questionnaire for tax registration is correctly filled out.

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