The motivation and the associated reasons couldn't be more diverse than those that have already brought hundreds of customers to us.

For most founders and entrepreneurs, the focus is directly on the desire to strictly separate private and business from the start and not to register their own company in their own apartment. In most cases, however, it is not worth having your own office.

Another reason is to want to protect your own address. This makes sense especially if you want to open a business or a web shop and do not want annoying representatives or customers to stand in front of your own door. Returns of parcels are also sometimes a problem - for example if you are out and about all day. We also accept parcels and also forward them to you if you want us to.

Do you travel a lot for business or pleasure or do you no longer have a place of residence in Germany, but still want to be reachable by post or register a business?

Looking for someone who handles the post, phone calls or parcel returns for you?

You just want to be able to concentrate on your business and need occasional support in administrative matters?

If you could answer a question with "yes", then you are right with us!

Would you like to find out more? Then take a look at our articles in the rubric "Useful information" past!

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